Welcome to my practice for acupuncture & Chinese medicine (TCM) in Berlin Alt-Treptow

I specialize in Japanese acupuncture, which is particularly gentle and pleasant to experience. Through my holistic approach I always take into account the current life situation of people who find their way to me in order to address complaints related to both physical and emotional wellbeing.  As an accredited alternative health practitioner, I treat both adults and children with acupuncture and other methods of Chinese medicine.

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Hi! I am Rudi Fink.  I am a state licensed alternative health practitioner (Heilpraktiker) who practices Japanese acupuncture styles and other methods of Chinese medicine (like moxa, cupping etc.). I meet patients exactly where they are in life, and support them with heart and expertise on their journey. It is a great pleasure for me to work with you and to accompany you on your personal journey. Learn more.

Akupunktur Praxisraum

The practice

My practice is located near Treptower Park, in a quiet location at Puschkinallee 4A. The treatment space is purposefully designed so you can relax and recover during the treatment. It is very important to me that you feel comfortable throughout and that the time you spend here nourishes you deeply, so that you can begin and continue on your path to recovery. Learn more.


I tailor treatments individually to address your concerns and goals. It is important to me to take good care of you and your holistic wellbeing. For me as a therapist and acupuncturist, Chinese medicine is the vehicle through which I get in contact with you. I support you in regaining your strength. This is a very concrete process. People often come to me who are in the middle of a transition in life and are plagued by pain and/or emotional imbalance. After a detailed diagnosis, and depending on your individual needs and your energetic state, I apply treatment methods best suited to you.

Praxis für Akupunktur und Chinesische Medizin - Rudi Fink Akupunktur


Acupuncture works on specific areas of the skin with very fine needles – e.g. to accommodate a shortage of qi or drain abundance, or to bring the energy channel system back into balance. In addition to classic acupuncture needles, I like to use Teishins, which only come into very light contact with the skin. Because I specialize in the gentle Japanese form of acupuncture, you have come to the right place if you are afraid of needles, have experienced trauma or are highly sensitive. Learn more

Japanisches Moxa - Japanese Moxa

Japanese Moxa

During moxibustion Kyū, fine moxa herb, consisting of dried mugwort, glows on specific areas of the body or acupuncture points. Moxa provides the body with new vitality and also treats pain well. Moxibustion warms the body and has a calming effect on the mind. Learn more

Qigong Tuina


Qigong Tuina connects meditation with Chinese massage. It is still relatively new and uncommon in Europe. I use Qigong Tuina to treat pain and emotional imbalances. My patients are enthusiastic about this form of treatment – gentle, meditative touch. Learn more

Ernährung - Nutrition


Nourish yourself and your life! Nutrition occurs on many different levels. I live and teach the Yangsheng approach: the art of nurturing life and promoting health. And this happens in various ways: balanced nutrition, joyful exercise, revitalizing rest. I will help you cultivate your own approach to Yangsheng and find a path that is enjoyable for you – a path that sustainably nourishes you and your life. Learn more