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Rudi Fink Akupunktur Japanisches Moxa

Chinese medicine searches for the root of the problem. I can help you search out and find this root. A health problem, whether physical and/or emotional in nature, does not arise in isolation – it is always rooted in the context of your life. That’s why I develop treatment plans with a holistic approach with you. Acupuncture is a gentle method and is tailored to each person individually. I accept you just as you are, and I won’t pathologize you. I listen carefully to your concerns and work toward your treatment goals. You can contact me for treatment with virtually any concern:

Support for chronic illnesses and cancer to improve quality of life • emotional imbalances • fears • trauma • overactive nervous system • anxiety • stress • lack of energy • sleep disorders • chronic fatigue syndrome • Long Covid • digestive problems • irritable bowel syndrome • Stomach problems • Allergies • Cough • Sinus problems • Weakened immune system • Joint pain • Back pain • Muscle tension • Migraines • Menstrual cramps (PMS) • Gender-specific issues • Pregnancy support • etc.

I observe frequently how patients enter the practice feeling uneasy and leave with a peaceful and grounded mind.

Thinking with your hands

I am often asked how I decide on the individual treatment points. There are many factors that come into play: what you tell me, what your pulse diagnosis tells me, and what the palpation diagnosis tells me. I see my purpose as listening carefully,  and then giving you a gentle push in the direction that will help you most. My fascination with (Japanese) acupuncture and moxa styles crystallized early on in my training. Everything combined in this gentle approach, which is based on palpation and feedback, but with a certain pragmatism: As an acupuncturist, I think with my hands. What I can find and feel by touch is treated. I enjoy further developing my perception in this direction and using my hands for the well-being of my patients. Chinese medicine has clearly become my life’s project. I continue honing my expertise by regularly by attending workshops and continuing education programs. I am grateful to everyone who has accompanied and supported me on my path – and everyone who (still) does so today! 

Rudi Fink HP • licensed natural health practitioner

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I originally come from an art background and studied cross-media art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, graduating in 2010 (Mag. art.). My path into Chinese medicine began in Berlin in 2011 with the start of my 3-year acupuncture training at Shou Zhong with diploma AGTCM, the professional association for Chinese medicine, of which I am also a member. I became a licensed natural practitioner by earning my accreditation from the Berlin-Schöneberg Health Department in 2015. My practice in Berlin’s Alt-Treptow was opened in 2016. In 2018 I was invited by Shou Zhong, the Chinese Medicine Training Center, to teach as part of their acupuncture training. I accepted the invitation openly and enthusiastically. I still teach there today – and I really enjoy it.

JAPANESE ACUPUNCTURE • Since 2012 I have been practicing Keiraku Chiryo, Japanese meridian therapy and acupuncture according to Dr. Yoshio Manaka, which I learned from Achim Wypler and Stephen Birch. Since 2019 I have been learning the art of Teishin in the tradition taught by Bob Quinn. I attended the Postgraduate Toyohari program in Amsterdam in 2021. 

JAPANESE MOXA • During my training I learned Junji Mizutani’s style of Moxibustion application at the TCM Congress in Rothenburg in 2012. I then deepened my knowledge with Bob Quinn in 2021. My highlight to date was the Moxa training with Junko Ida in Amsterdam in 2023.

ENGAGING VITALITY • I have been practicing Engaging Vitality since 2018. This approach is based on listening to the body’s subtle rhythms. With Engaging Vitality we come into direct contact with Qi, Yang and the motion of fluid in the body. Congestions are identified and the strength of the treatment can be precisely dosed.

QIGONG TUINA • 氣功推拿 I have been learning Qìgōng-Tuīná with Stephen Schleipfer since 2022. You can find more information about this approach in the interview I did with Stephen here. It was a great pleasure to be able to talk to Stephen in detail about Qigong Tuina.

QIGONG • 禪密氣功 I have been practicing Chán Mì Qì Gōng since 2006 for regulation of mind and body. Master Jiang Xue Ying from Vienna has authorized me to teach the foundational exercise from Chan Mi Qi Gong.