Acupuncture in Berlin Treptow: Practice for Chinese Medicine

In the practice, I focus on your needs, blockages and deficiencies. Are you in pain or just can’t seem to get going? Do you feel that life is demanding too much or are you simply fed up …?

I support you – whatever your issues are – and integrate you into our search for practical solutions. In an extensive initial consultation, I determine your constitution in order to find the acupuncture points that are right for you. I will ask you questions, examine your tongue, feel your pulse and look at the condition of your belly.

My approach to acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and Japanese meridian therapy.


To treat the acupuncture points,  I use needles in a variety of sizes. I insert the needles into your skin. Your treatment may also include tiny gold and silver pellets that I will adhere to your skin. Afraid of needles? Don’t worry – I am trained to insert acupuncture needles with as little pain as possible (think “mosquito bite”).

I also apply non-invasive acupuncture, using delicate silver and gold rods that do not penetrate the skin.


If one of your acupuncture points needs warmth, I apply the moxibustion technique. I put cones of pure Japanese Moxa (artemesia Vulgaris) and burn it on top of the point. I treat larger areas of your body with cupping therapy or gua sha, a press/stroking technique that releases acute conditions, stimulates the blood circulation and has a tonifying effect on the blood.

Gemüse, Obst

Nutrition Counselling

I am convinced of the benefits of nutritional counselling based on Chinese medicine. Follow my advice to tank up on energy for coping with everyday life. Regardless of your goals – losing/gaining weight, gaining control over chronic digestion or skin-related problems, etc. – I will support you on your joyful & sensual journey toward achieving your ideal weight or changing your eating habits.

Hand mit Akupunktur

Appointment & Prices

A acupuncture session costs 60 € and will last for approximately one hour. The number of sessions depends on how acute or chronic your condition is. As licensed natural health practitioners (Heilpraktiker), I am not permitted to invoice the statutory health insurance funds.

Initial consultaion: 100€ approx. 2 hours incl. the first treatment
Follow-up treatment: 60€ approx. 1 hour


Rudi Fink

Office hours

Monday 9am-9pm
Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday 9pm-9pm
Friday 9am-9pm and by special arrangement


I have completed the 3-year acupuncture certificate program at Shou Zhong Acupuncture School in Berlin. The training program includes a two-year practical treatment course in the school’s own outpatient clinic. I also work as teacher in the field of Chinese Medicine. In 2015 I became licensed natural health practitioner (Heilpraktiker).


Puschkinallee 4a 
12435 Berlin Alt-Treptow

Rudi Fink

How to find us

The practice is located in the courtyard on ground level (2nd door after Ergotherapie Winckelmann). The space is wheelchair accessible.

Public transport

S-Bahn: Treptower Park S41/42, S8, S85, S9 (approx. 400m), Bus M34, 165, 166, 194, 265 (stops directly in front of the building)