26.02.2017, 15:00 Uhr
Contemporary Food Lab: CFL Academy @ NR/Kitchen

The Magic Breakfast

Our upcoming workshop will give you an overview of the philosophy of Chinese Medicine as well as the role & importance of food for individual wellbeing and health. Its focus will be one particular meal of the day: the warm breakfast and why it is such a powerful method to feel active and happy.

Part 1 | Introducing Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a holistic approach to prevent illness or deficits. Franz & Rudi will explain the five pillars CM is based on with an emphasis on the role of food & nutrition.

Part 2 | Why a warm breakfast?

The two experts will explain the benefits of a warm breakfast. Participants will learn, why breakfast has such an importance, what it can do for you and what warm breakfast options there are.

Part 3 | Recipes & Cooking

To give you inspirations how to include a warm breakfast in your daily routine, Rudi & Franz will introduce different sweet and savoury recipes that we’ll cook together. Different teas and herbs will also be part of it.

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